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The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

JCB 1864 Donates Plaque to Amtrak Depot Building

From January 28, 2016  By Bob Conrad E Clampus Vitus (Clampers) donated yesterday a large, heavy plaque to commemorate the historical significance of the train depot downtown. The plaque was presented to the Reno City Council to recognize a slice of Reno’s history. The inscription reads: “The railway reached Reno in June and shortly…
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List of Officers – 6021

A new year is upon us, and the Demotions handed down. Better Know a Clamper: Kevin Breckinridge – Noble Grand Humbug Reid Slayden – Vice Noble Grand Humbug Pirate Mike Halverson – Grand Noble Recorder Don Asher – Gold Dust Receiver Victor Mena – Hangman Doug Mattice – Grand Musician Matthew “Metric” Ebert – Roisterous…
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Candle Light Doin’s

Harken the hewgag brays over the Comstock for the Candle light initiation for those poor lost souls seeking to see the light. The Moran Building will open at 2:oo PM. for the early birds on June 11.

Granite Creek Station – Historic Reno Preservation Society, 7 pm, Nov. 19, 2014

Archeological study of the emigrant station at Granite Creek Station in the Black Rock Desert Wednesday, November 19th at 7:00 pm Laxalt Theater at 401 W. Second Street, Reno, NV The program will be a fascinating look at the  Please remember to arrive early as our programs fill up fast! Color photo is courtesy of…
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Owen Ritchie XnGH 47 JCB 1864

Owen Ritchie, War hero, Helicopter survivor and XNGH #47 JCB 1864 has gone to the Silver Hills after a long battle with the effects of Agent Orange in Nocona Texas. What say the Bretheran?

Family Picnic, Virginia City NV, Saturday August 9 6019

When: Saturday August 9. Picnic starts at 11:06am, food will be served around noon. Where: Miner’s Park, Virginia City…it’s just a few blocks down Six Mile Canyon Road from C Street. Why: Get to know your brothers and their families, welcome our new brothers, and provide a place for our children to learn a little bit about…
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June Doin’s

The bell will toll, over the grand metropolis of Virginia City, for those poor blind candidates to come from near and afar, as the hewgag shall bray to hasten the arrival of the brethren on June 28, 6019. All PBC’s, clean and sober, shall be turned over to Hangman Pirate Mike and his band of…
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Candlelight 6019

 Harken the hewgag blows upon the Comstock. Noble Grand Humbug Bob “AAAAY” Stransky announces the particulars of the Julia C Bulette Chapter 1864 Candlelight Doin’s 6019. On April 12 the doors of the Moran Building 34 N. B St. Virginia City, will be thrown open at 2:00 PM for all Clamper’s to imbibe in merriment and liquid refreshment  PBC”s of…
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JCB + SST Family Day Picnic

Genoa, Nevada: Saturday morning, May 25th, 6018 Family day Grub Hamburgers and hotdogs will be provided by the chapter. Please bring your favorite salad, side dish or dessert to share with the other brothers, widders and orphans. Bring your own beverages. Come out early and help clean up the gravesite where Snowshoe Thompson rests in…
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Chet Atkins – Don’t You Monkey Round My Widder!

Thanks to Jeff Johnson for finding this little gem: