6025 Summer Doins

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

6025 Summer Doins

Fri., June 26 – Sun., Jun 28, 6025 (2020 C.E.)
presented by Julia C Bulette Chapter 1864, E Clampus Vitus of Nevada
The Most Noble Grand Humbug Matthew “El Colchon” Ebert presiding
LET US KNOW YOU’RE COMING! RSVP: gdr@juliacbulette.com

Redshirts – $50  * PBCs – $65    *   Retreads – $80
Three tokens for $20 for anyone who wants to sit at the bar                   

Schedule (all times approximate)
FRIDAY: Camping begins at the site: 39°22’33.6″N 119°34’56.5″W https://goo.gl/maps/TesdnTJ2x7ojLKyUA

  • From the ECV hall, take NV-341W (Geiger Grade) about 2.4 miles
  • Turn right on Lousetown Rd
  • About 1.1 miles, slight right onto Long Valley Rd
  • About 2.0 miles, continue onto Barrel Springs Rd
  • About 1 mile, slight left. Destination on left about 0.3 miles

At the Site: Breakfast 0900
At the ECV Hall:      34 N B Street, Virginia City, NV
Check-in: 1000-1100  
Morning Activities: 1000-1115           
History Lesson at Eagles Hall: 1115-1200      
Parade: 1200-1230    
Lecture at Julia Plaque: 1230-1300         
Lunch and Move to Doin’s Site: 1300-1400   

At Doin’s Site:     39°22’33.6″N 119°34’56.5″W https://goo.gl/maps/TesdnTJ2x7ojLKyUA
Afternoon Activities: 1400-1600       
HOCO: 1600-1645      
Dinner: 1645              


Any Candlelight initiates who show up will be treated as red-tagged PBCs.  
The pens used for sign-in will be cleaned after each use.    
White Coats and any redshirts dealing with people (bar, food service, Hawker, door) will wear face masks.
PBCs will be provided with face masks.   
Hand sanitizer will be available at check-in and other key locations.          
Initiation activities will be structured to avoid gatherings of more than 50 people.      Social distancing among PBCs will be observed and enforced by White Coats through all activities. There will be no sharing of eating or drinking utensils. Each PBC will be given individual water bottles.          
A single latex glove will be given to each PBC at the HOCO with which to pass the Staff of Relief.