Author: Metric

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

Guy Rocha, Reno Gazette, April 21, 2001

Comment from Ron James: “Guy abhorred the folkloric process that wove tentacles around the historical subjects of the West. His brand of “myth busting” became the sole reason behind his writing, but it discredited an essential aspect of what the West was – and is – all about, namely, the stories. Richard Dorson coined the…
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Addendumbus Maximus

ADDENDUMBUS MAXIMUS:6025 (2020 C.E.)fromThe Noble Grand Humbug with Many Names:Matthew Ebert, aka “Metric” “Mattress” “El Colchone” “El Futon”&“Metricio E Bertus” I wrote this to address some questions that have arisen about the various officer positions. It is by no means exhaustive, but I hope it will be helpful. Roisterous Iscutus Estimating food amounts: This is…
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Clampers’ Clan

CLAMPERS CLAN Verse one           In sunny California, in the land the gods love best, The Clan E Clampus Vitus First showed its golden yellow crest, To sounds of hewgag blowing ‘Neath the smiling western sky Its ranks are always growing, and people shout as they march by; Chorus           Here come the Clampers, the…
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Demotion Dinner POSTPONED to Sat., Jan. 21, 6028 (2023 CE)

Due to the predicted incoming storm, lack of parking and road conditions the powers that be have decided for the safety of the Brotherhood the Demotion Dinner will be postponed until next Saturday, January 21st, as SST has moved theirs until February 4th. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but feel in the…
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Moran Building

Sexual Commerce on the Comstock Lode

by Marion Goldmanreproduced from the Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, Summer 1978. PDF True she was a woman of easy virtue. Yet hundreds in this city have had cause to bless her name for her many acts of kindness and charity. That woman probably had more real, warm friends in this community than any other (1).…
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The Storied History of the ECV Building

Home of the Julia C Bulette 1864 in Virginia City By Dzhek Karawakow reprinted without permission fromFlatlander II, Volume XLIII, Number 11November 2022 – 6027 When World War II arrived, Nevada’s Virginia City was not much more than a ghost town. The mines had largely dried up and any production of gold and silver was…
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Nevada Day Ball 6027

Hosted by our modest Humbug Travisty and his lovely Widder Sheilla StranskyThey graciously invite you to attend the 70th Annual Nevada Day BallSaturday Oct. 22nd!!! Located at the E Clampus Vitus Building, 34 North B Street, in rustic Virginia City, NV. 89440. Doors will open promptly at 5:02 pm till ??? So come on up…
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Sutro Tunnel Air Shafts

by Bob Thomasson  17 November 2020 There were 4 air shafts more or less evenly spaced along the Sutro Tunnel route, numbered Air Shaft 1 through 4, starting from the tunnel portal. Another air shaft, called simply Air Shaft, was constructed 2,225 feet from the portal, between the portal and Air Shaft 1. This unnumbered…
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TRASH 6027

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