Julia’s Unequivocal Nevada Klampout (JUNK) 6023

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

Julia’s Unequivocal Nevada Klampout (JUNK) 6023

Silver Peak, Nevada
August 17-18-19, 2018
Preliminary Possible Planned Theory of the Potential Days of JUNK (details will change!)

Special invitation to all riders: This will be a motorcycle friendly event. We are inviting all riders to come in on their steeds, and we’ll try to arrange a pickup or two to carry your heavier gear so you can enjoy the ride and not skimp on your booze and victuals.


  • No guns, no widders, no orphans, no fightin’
  • Non-developed camping ↣ bring it in, take it out, no store, no water spigot, take care of your own damn self
  • Trucks, cars, tents, campers, and bikers all welcome and appropriate
  • Good roads all the way. Historical tours may be rougher but you can hitch a ride if you don’t want to ride a two-wheeler
  • No gas south of Hawthorne. You must fill up in Hawthorne
  • Culinary contest with $100 Prize put up by the JCB Humbug
  • Auction! The weird, the mysterious, the unknowable, the handy, tools and man toys, all proceeds go to JCB. Clean out the barn and let’s have a great sale!!! Bring some $$$. Cash in hand only. No checks. No IOUs


  • 9 a.m., caravan leaves the Clamphouse in Virginia City
  • 10:07 a.m., caravan joins up with Copper Queen crewe and other finely appointed and self-selected individuals of low birth but great standing at the Cabin Fever bar in Yerington, which will be opened for red shirts only by special arrangement of the proprietor, Joe Macduff, who will be joining us therefrom
  • Libations will be served. Humbug buys first round for all red shirts present
  • At exactly 10:67 a.m., newly composed caravan will move out for Silver Peak, Nevada, picking up Gunny, Cabin Fever Humbug, in Hawthorne, along the way
  • Arrive Silver Peak approx. 2:67 p.m., more or less. Camping site is yet to be set, but will be primitive
  • Friday evening, 6:31 p.m., the Las Vegas contingency arrives to help with frivolity
  • Second run out of all territories will commence after work on Friday, arriving in evening to boost the party, a bike run and a truck run


  • Morning: historical and mining tour, leave camp 9:32 a.m.
  • Some more mining and viewshed tours
  • Lunch on the tour, you gotta bring your own lunch and libations
  • Return to our camp. Culinary contenders may commence to strategizing their treachery or cooking, whichever most exactly matches their skillset. Hotdogs with bribes taped to them may beat out, in the minds of the impartial judges, the latest confit from Paris, present victuals for judging 5:38 [Judges: Humbug plus two other reproach-less gourmands, plus a tie breaker ringer, total: 4]
  • Auction will occur 6:47
  • Auction!


  • Bail out anyone who has been arrested
  • Hangover cures, and branding of any loose cattle