JCB Officers

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

JCB Officers for 2022 (6027)

Noble Grand Humbug – Travis “Baby Back” Stransky

Vice Noble Grand Humbug – Rob “Barney Rubble” Day

Grand Noble Recorder – Carl “Harley” Davidson

Gold Dust Receiver – Gary “Dusty” Mack

Grand Imperturbable Hangman – Tom “Roofied” Gonzales


Grand Musician – Jason “Mayor” Virden

Roisterous Iscutis – Wes “Reverend” Francis

Clamps Petrix (1st asst bar) – Ben Wyatt

Royal Platrix (1st asst cook) – Don “Van Gogh” Eddington

Clamps Vitrix (2nd asst bar) – Bryce Wyatt

Clamps Matrix (2nd asst cook) – A. J. Oliver

Damn Fool Doorkeeper #1 (asst to GDR) – Joe Bowman

Damn Fool Doorkeeper #2 (asst to Hangman) – Steven “Showcase” Dawson


Clampatriarch – Fred “Flinstone” Eldred

Hawker For Life – (Acting) Matthew “Metric” Ebert

Shadow Government Czar – Tim Pearce

Historian Extraordinaire – Jeff “Il Jefe” Johnson

Junk Master – Brett “Short Round” Stockwell


Josh “Hornitos” Shehorn, Mike “Leggy-C” Mack, Bruce “Butters” Willford

F. “Buttercup” Anderson Jr, Jack (nickname tbd) Vallerio, David “Recon” McNeely

Cody “Fruit Loop“, Wes “Junior” Francis, Harold “Tookillya”

Extra Duty Specials

Community Parade Organizer – Wes “Junior” Francis

Domus Maximus – Robert “Harry Potter” Gonzalez

…and so recorded.

Proctor – Chapter Advisor

Jeff Winn

Growlerberg (86), James Marshall (49), Julia C Bulette (1864), Copper Queen (1915)

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