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The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

Snow in Virginia City

It has been a combination of rain and snow in the first weeks of 2017, with the Truckee overflowing its banks and lots of snow in the hills.

Candle Light Doin’s

Harken the hewgag brays over the Comstock for the Candle light initiation for those poor lost souls seeking to see the light. The Moran Building will open at 2:oo PM. for the early birds on June 11.

JUNK 6019

NGH “Beans & Wienies” Bob has chosen Jarbidge as our destination for the annual JUNK trip on August 15, 16, & 17. It may be a long stretch to get there but the views are stunning and the area is rich in history. If you have never been to this area of Nevada, this is…
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June Doin’s

The bell will toll, over the grand metropolis of Virginia City, for those poor blind candidates to come from near and afar, as the hewgag shall bray to hasten the arrival of the brethren on June 28, 6019. All PBC’s, clean and sober, shall be turned over to Hangman Pirate Mike and his band of…
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Candlelight 6019

 Harken the hewgag blows upon the Comstock. Noble Grand Humbug Bob “AAAAY” Stransky announces the particulars of the Julia C Bulette Chapter 1864 Candlelight Doin’s 6019. On April 12 the doors of the Moran Building 34 N. B St. Virginia City, will be thrown open at 2:00 PM for all Clamper’s to imbibe in merriment and liquid refreshment  PBC”s of…
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Nevada Day Ball 2013

Throw on yer red shirt and stompin’ boots, grab yer widder, and set on yer ass and haul her on up to the Moran Building in Virginia City for the annual Widder’s Ball on Oct. 26, 6018. Click here to download the PDF invitation.


The doors of the Moran Building, 34 N. B St. are flying open at noon April 6, to welcome Clampers far and wide for the annual Candlelite Doin’s. The event is primarily to initiate the elderly, or handicapped, or people that work in the judicial system and in general have a good time. PBC’s to…
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