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The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

The Grand Wazoo

You might think my hat is funny, but I don’t. I’m The Grand Wazoo. Keeper of the mystic scrolls. And rolls of parchment from the lodge. And I’m a veteran. Every day on coffee break at the hardware store, I tell Fred: What do you expect because we play pranks during the… initiation. I’m the…
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J.U.N.K. Trip 2010 – Kingston

J.U.N.K.: All the info on what we will explore on the Junk trip next week Introduction By General Geno Oliver … As you you are coming into the Big Smoky Valley from the west, on the right, about a half mile from the turn onto SR 376, this would be the southwest section, This was…
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Mass Media confirms what Clampers already know

An international scientific study has been conducted which confirms what any Widder will tell you: The Womenfolk Like Men in Red! Read the whole article here. A juicy excerpt: Women in the United States, England, Germany and China said they found men pictured wearing red, or framed in red, more sexually attractive than in other…
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Sad news

Regret to inform you Charlie Harper, XXX Humbug from Beowawe, aka N.evada’s G.reatest H.usband has gone to the Silver Hills

From the Clamphistorian

Rest In Peace: Ellis Nelson, VNGH

Ellis Nelson, VNGH of Julia C. Bulette Chapter #1864 ECV passed away last week. A Clamper service will be held in Carson City at the Waltens Funeral Home on Saturday April 17th at 1:00PM. Please plan to attend and give Ellis a great Clamper sendoff.

Pictures from the Widder’s Ball

Our annual Widder’s Ball was a great success and a lot of fun for everyone. Here’s some photos from the event: [singlepic id=1 w=640 h= 480 float=] Click the link to see the rest…

2009 Nevada Day Widder’s Ball

Noble Grand Humbug Karl Small and Widder Connie request the Honor of your presence at the 47th Annual Nevada Day Widders Ball! Click here to download a PDF invite.

Join our Facebook group

Our chapter has an active Facebook group complete with a discussion board, calendar, and a place to post pictures and videos. We’ve got twenty or so members right now, and I know there are more of you out there. What say the brethren?

Chief Truckee Doins

The dates for the Chief Truckee Doins have been added to our calendar. Anyone attending is welcome to leave a comment on this page for fellow JCB brethren.