Author: Jeffrey Johnson

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

V & T Railroad – for TRASH 6027

The Queen of the Short Lines In the beginning (1859) there was a nascent City on a silver mountain. It needed a connection to the outside world, means to lug fuel and construction supplies up the grade and a much more convenient way to work the marginal ores from the many mines. William Sharon, Agent…
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ECV Hall – A History

ECV Hall by Jeff Johnson from Marsh Fey Louie Berrum of Moana Hot Springs fame as Knights of Pythias trustee offered the ruins and lot between the Pythian Armory and the Miners Union Hall on B St. in Virginia City Nevada to Julia C. Bulette #1864 in 1968. It had a single row of brick…
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JUNK Aug 28 – 30, 6025 (2020 CE)

Julia’s Unequivocal Nevada Klampout 6025Open to all Redshirts of Good Standing.$15 to join gets you the JUNK badge and sheepskin – certificate of membership, $10 for a hanger that says “Three Corners, NV”Applegate Trail * Fremont’s 2nd Expedition * Pacific DC IntertieAUCTION * COOKING CONTEST GET THE COMPLEAT JUNK BOOK HERE! SCHEDULE Friday, August 28:…
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Julia’s Jarbidge Junk Book

Julia’s Unequivocal Nevada Klampout #35 JARBIDGE clamper year 6019 Brought to you by Julia C. Bulette chapter 1864, E Clampus Vitus Researched and interpreted by Jeffrey D. Johnson XNGH, Clamphistorian at chapter 1864 Envisioned by Noble Grand Humbug Bob Stransky Junk Auctioneer, Brett “Shortround” Stockwell Dedicated to Young Golddigging Widders and Old Orphans 2014 c.e.…
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Julia’s Unequivocal Nevada Klampout #38, Wonder, NV

S L Y Clamper year 6022 Brought to you by Julia C. Bulette Chapter 1864, E Clampus Vitus Envisioned by Noble Grand Humbug Reid Slayden  Researched and interpreted by Jeffrey D. Johnson XNGH, Clamphistorian at Chapter 1864 Dedicated to Rod Stock XSNGH, Jess Davis XNGH 2017 c.e. Churchill County Churchill County was established in 1861 and named…
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Granite Creek Station – Historic Reno Preservation Society, 7 pm, Nov. 19, 2014

Archeological study of the emigrant station at Granite Creek Station in the Black Rock Desert Wednesday, November 19th at 7:00 pm Laxalt Theater at 401 W. Second Street, Reno, NV The program will be a fascinating look at the  Please remember to arrive early as our programs fill up fast! Color photo is courtesy of…
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