Julia’s JUNK 6028

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

Julia’s JUNK 6028

The 6028 (2023 CE) J.U.N.K. (Julia’s Unequivocal Nevada Klampout) trip will be held on Aug 25-27 in the glorious Smith Valley. The HUMBUG, Rob “Little Big Man” Day says get there early for the best camp spots next to the mighty Walker River (bring a fish’n pole and your license and snag yourself something).

Enjoy a historical tour of the Nevada Copper Belt Railroad and related sites on Saturday. Participate in the raucous and tasty dinner cooking contest where the judges are bound by honor to eat what you place before them! And then spend your widder’s Christmas gift money at the always enjoyable auction filled with bargains, bobbles, and flotsam and jetsam on Saturday evening, hosted by the ever fair Short Round. Note: Clean out your garage, shed, attic, and under your bed items and donate them for auction – which greatly benefits JCB.

Remember, there is no common kitchen or bar at this event – BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) with enough shareable grub and booze for the moron camped next to you who forgot.

Rub is $20 if you’re a virgin JUNK’r, $15 for clampers that have already seen the elephant (unless you’re an actual virgin, in which case please talk to Short Round about participating in the auction and we’ll see what we can do to rectify that sad condition).

If you have reasonable driving skills you can reach the campsite in virtually any vehicle (shabby truck to highfaluting RV, even Harley’s Cherokee). And there are rumors of an actual vault toilet near the sight (sadly there is no bidet so bring an old squeeze bottle if you roll that way). Be there or be square!

From Carson City head south on US-395 for approximately 32 miles. Then turn East (that’s Left for you slower guys) on NV-208 and in roughly 22 miles turn North (Left again) on Copperbelt Dr just after you cross the river, and you’re there, more or less. If you live south or east of Carson City, we hope you figure it out and make it (just enter Wilson Canyon Rest Area in your magic device)…Satisfactory!

GPS Site Coordinates are: 38.8094558, -119.2292168.