6028 (2023 CE) Summer Doins Is Here!

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

6028 (2023 CE) Summer Doins Is Here!

Come join the Brothers of Julia C. Bulette Chapter #1864 and celebrate the chapter’s

60th Anniversary on the Comstock!

Noble Grand Humbug Rob “Little Big Man” Day invites you to Julia’s Fantastic June Doin’s!

Official activities begin at the ECV JCB Hall in Virginia City, Nevada on Saturday June 24 at 9:03am, and will include hawkers, a plaque dedication and much more.

Festivities will migrate to the Doin’s site on Jumbo Grade at the top of Mt Davidson around midday Saturday for initiation fun, HOCO and a steak dinner in the evening. The Doin’s site is open for camping earlier in the week if you want to stake your claim early. The road is bumpy but passable in two wheel drive jalopies, but 4WD is highly recommended if you’re hauling a trailer and don’t what to become a spectacle and source of hilarity for the brethren attending this special event.

Rub is payable at the door of the ECV JCB Hall:

$60 for Redshirts

$90 for PBCs

$125 for Retards Retreads

PBCs of all shapes, sizes, and qualities must be turned over to Grand Imperturbable Hangman Jason “Mayor” Virden, clean and sober, no later than 10:02am Saturday morning at the ECV JCB Hall.

Your rub includes a pin and ribbon of the day and three marginally edible gourmet meals (including a spaghetti dinner on Friday evening at the Doin’s site up on Mt Davidson) provided by Roisterous Iscutis Donny “Van Gogh” Eddington and his gastronomical wizards.