Jumbo & American City Monuments

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

Jumbo & American City Monuments

The Jumbo (West Comstock) Monument and the American City Monument are both rebuilt and located on Comstock Mining Company property just south west of Gold Hill. Comstock Mining has generously supported us by allowing the placement of the monuments on their property and donating two large boulders for their bases.

To get to the monuments head south on 342 out of Virginia City towards Gold Hill. You will cross rail road tracks in Gold Hill.

From the rail road tracks drive approximately 0.58 miles and on your right you will see a dirt road with a sign that says “Comstock Load Project”. Take that road, which leads to the Comstock Mining Company office site. 

Stay right (don’t go in the Comstock Mining office yard) and then follow the yellow line provided on the marked map image to reach the monument location. Watch out for heavy equipment moving quickly on these roads!

The monuments are located at GPS coordinates 39.271599, -119.677434.

Some parking is available just past the monuments, which you’ll see on your left. You can go around the little bend in the road and turn around if you want. Don’t block the road as there is a home farther down past the monument location. Also, please remember you are on Comstock Mining Company property and don’t drive off the dirt road. BLM land starts just past the Monument site (about 100 feet down the road).

In addition to generous support from Comstock Mining we had fantastic and most excellent support from Storey County, which provided grant money to rebuild both monuments! These monuments cost JCB exactly $0.00 to rebuild. If you happen to see Austin Osborne, Story County Manager, around town please take a moment to thank him for the generous financial support! And the same thing goes for Honey Menefee, Storey County Community Relations Coordinator, who managed the grant process for us.