Julia’s June Doin’s

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

Julia’s June Doin’s


Mighty Humbug Jess Davis has proclaimed the June Doin’s to be held June 22, 23, and 24. Festivities will begin Friday at the Clampsite at Mt. Rose Ski Resort at 1:00 PM. The merriment will move to Virginia City, 34 N B St. on Saturday morning with the PBC’s signing up at 9:30 AM. PBC’s are to be freshly bathed, sober, in good humor and to be turned over to the Hangman Kevin, by 10:00 AM. who will see to it that all their little needs are met. Commencement of entertainment to be back at the Clampsite around 2:30 PM. Roisterous Iscutuis Pirate Mike has promised some grub for a small donation on Friday night and the Feasts of all Feasts on Saturday night.

  • Redshirts $25.00 PREPAY, $30 at the Doin’s
  • PBC’s $60.00
  • Nice, smiley, and polite Retreads $65.00
  • Regular Retreads $120.00
  • Associate membership $10.00

We have to ask for a $5.00 building donation on Saturday if you’re not going to the Clampsite. That gets you access to two dollar beers and a whole host of entertainment. GDR will be at the Clampsite Friday and VC Sat.